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Cairo, Egypt

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About the Role

About the Company

UTO innovative in providing a seamless unified interface between BPO and IT services for our global clients through high efficiency, professionalism, delivering, flexibility, innovation and diversity that maximizes ROI for our clients and improve CEX cycle with a clear Journey Mapping. To further as a corporate managed services provider in BPO with grow of the local community. We are also moving forward consistently into a stronger and more vibrant space with decentralized operations everywhere.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Acts as a strategic partner on the leadership team and works closely with the team to ensure they are meeting performance expectations.

  • Coaches and develops the team to ensure they are delivering against key business metrics.

  • Looks for methods to improve quality, efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, increase profits, or improve control measures.

  • Works collaboratively to develop and/or improve systems, processes, controls and procedures that improve the overall efficiency of the firm and insure excellent client service.

  • Provides timely, accurate and complete reports on the operating condition of the company.

  • Manages the overall strategy, purpose, and vision of the entire Human Resources function: benefits, payroll, learning and development, culture, performance management, and succession planning.

  • Leads and develop a team across multiple locations and over various functions.

  • Motivates and leads a high-performance management team.

  • Attracts, recruits, and retains required members of the executive team not currently in place

  • Provides mentoring as a cornerstone to the management career development program. Collaborates with the management team to develop and implement plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, processes, and personnel designed to accommodate the rapid growth objectives of our organization.

  • Demonstrates a willingness to take on new tasks with a general attitude that no task is too small, impossible, or cannot be improved.

  • Work autonomously while ensuring CEO expectations are readily met and exceeded.

  • Fosters a success-oriented, accountable environment within the company.

  • Represents the firm with clients, investors, and business partners.

Job Requirements:

  • Business Administration or similar relevant field

  • In-depth knowledge of different business functions such as HR, Finance, marketing etc.

  • Hands on experience in fundraising, strategic planning and business development

  • Good knowledge of data analysis and KPIs

  • Familiarity IT/Business infrastructure

  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills

  • Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills

  • Great communication and presentation skills

  • Problem-solving

  • Creative and out of the box critical thinking

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